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"She uses music as she uses words, to build cozy houses around the people"

"Once, a lot of lives ago, she was an architect, before definitely passing to the architecture of the body"

SARA D'AJELLO CARACCIOLO dancer, teacher and dj. She dances tango since 1995 and teaches it since 2002, she studied and practiced many other body disciplines, principally dance-theatre, choosing the tango as a preferential language in which these multiple experiences from different body and movement techniques merge together.

Her work is focused on a balanced dialogue between tango roles, a deep connection in the body itself and with the others, space and music, find inspiration to move, give both technical and abstract tools to create a dynamic dance.

She is based in Naples, where she is the

art director of 'Porto Petraio' - a space for art, dance and music - where she organizes the Italian edition of TangoNeta international festival. She teaches regularly in Naples and frequently in others countries as Italy, Spain, France.


In the musical field  in 2003 she started with other friends the musical project ’Sulle rive del Tango’ - a selection of non traditional tango - which is currently at its fifth compilation, published and distributed across Europe and the world. The project consists of three weekly milongas, in Naples, Milan and Barcelona, many deejays and people working together on the musical research, creating the ‘poetry’ of the project, and she is often invited as dj in many events and international festivals. As dj she plays traditional and alternative music, and she loves to look for “hidden” tangos in different musical styles.

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