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Regular lessons of Tango, Tango with role switching and "Tango and dance-theatre" are held at Porto Petraio (Naples) from october till may with Pino Acampora.

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The workshops focus on tango as an Improvisation Dance.

We will work on the physical language of tango, on dynamics of movement and specific structure of this dance - from its traditional form to contemporary tendencies - and on the music in the movement, like a strong tool for connection and expression. But above all we will work on the quality of the relation with the other, looking for a balanced and sensible dialogue between partners, capable of creating new shapes and a new way to be together. 

Some themes:

- Physical technique aimed at a fluid dance (axis, weight, transition)

- Connection between partners (type of contact, distance, visible and invisible connection)

- Beyond the roles (to create a balanced dialogue between “leader” and “follower”, to explore both roles and to improvise together)

- Music of movement (expressive possibilities and imagination)

- Improvisation tools (space, time, intensity, inspiration)


The seminars can have different structures, but often they are held during the weekend and are scheduled in 4 blocks of an hour and half or three blocks of two hours, eventually followed by a practice or a milonga.


//LIMITS - a project with AURORA FORNUTO 

We will explore the expressive possibilities of the tango language, going beyond its limits and playing with a physical and emotional freedom, proper to dance-theatre language. It is a work of deep connection with ones own interior narrative, a research on presence and action, spaces, relations, limits and resources. A work on exploration, aimed on one side at the possibility of a deeper dance in the milonga, on the other side at the poetical staging of the "story" that tango creates in each of us. 


Workshops are held in the weekend in intensive three hour blocks, for example two or three blocks making a total of 6 or 9 hours.

VIDEO// WHITE VALS studio#4 - Porto Petraio, june 2019
VIDEO// HOMBRE, MUJER studio #3 - Porto Petraio, may 2018
VIDEO// AMOR, ETC... studio #2 - Porto Petraio, may 2017
VIDEO// EVOLUZIONE studio#1 - Porto Petraio, june 2016
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